Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Meet n Greet n Say Goodbye

Progressive San Diego & Empower San Diego

invite you to

Meet n Greet n Say Goodbye

Tommie Watson
Outgoing Executive Director, Progressive San Diego & Empower San Diego

Annie Lorrie Anderson-Lazo, Ph.D.
Incoming Executive Director, Empower San Diego
An applied anthropologist, educator, and organizer who has worked in San Diego, as well as throughout California and Central America over the last fifteen years, Annie Lorrie will take up her post on April 1, 2009.

Emily Serafy Cox
Incoming Development Director, Empower San Diego
Former PSD Board Member and Chair of the Fundraising Committee, joins Empower as a staff member on April 15, 2009.

Thursday April 16th
6pm @ the home of Linda and Carlos LeGerrette
1359 Grove St.
San Diego, CA 92102

Thanks to you, our many progressive allies, who have contributed to our grassroots organizing, GOtV efforts, listening campaigns, and public forums on progressive principles, Progressive San Diego has grown and blossomed!

Last summer, we formed Empower San Diego, a new non-profit 501(c)(3) education organization, which will continue to support the efforts of residents and communities coming together to build an equitable, just and sustainable society here in San Diego. As Empower, we will develop new programs and projects to amplify our most successful strategies in the areas of grassroots organizing, policy-development, voter education, and coalition building. We envision a vibrant San Diego where civically-engaged individuals and families work with their elected and appointed officials to create communities that are livable and accessible, with a transparent, accountable government, and a flourishing independent media.


We will miss greatly the talents and efforts of Tommie Watson, who plans to return to his home in Boston, where he will continue the good work of nurturing and building progressive community. We especially recognize his leadership in campaigning for progressive candidates, advocating for the living wage campaign, and garnering the Reeds Award for the Best GOtV Plan, with his stellar execution of the Trick or Vote Campaign.

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