Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Working Californians Support Propositions 1A-1F

From an e-mail sent to DSCC delegates:

April 21, 2009

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

As supporters of the California Democratic Party, we strongly urge you to support Props 1A-1F on California’s May 19 special election. Passage of these measures is vital to the health and well-being of working men and women throughout the state.These measures are absolutely necessary to stabilize our state budget and prevent future drastic cuts to schools, public safety, infrastructure improvement, and health care for working families. They will also maintain new sources of revenue for the state in the near future to help solve our current budget crisis and help restore California’s fiscal health so we can continue to invest in our schools, public works and other state services – investments that provide good-paying jobs for working families.

During this current budget crisis, Republicans representing big business special interests were demanding that worker protections be ravaged as a condition for support of new revenue sources. Those attempts were guarded against, but failure to pass these measures may lead to more budget stalemates, and the Republicans will almost certainly try and go after workers again.

Further, because of California’s fiscal crisis, the state was one day away from shutting down hundreds of school, road, water and infrastructure construction projects – a move that would have cost our state thousands of union jobs, perhaps permanently.

Fortunately, the budget that was passed helped stave off this economic disaster and will begin the long process of restoring our state’s fiscal health. But Props 1A-1F are needed to uphold that agreement and move our state forward.

If we don’t pass these measures California will lose more than $23 billion during the next 4 years. With large deficits predicted in the next few years, loss of these monies may require more drastic cuts than we have already seen to teachers, construction workers, firefighters, law enforcement, and state and local public employees.

Passing Props 1A-1F is necessary so we don’t plunge California back to the brink of insolvency and threaten funding for all the programs and services we care about.

These are difficult issues for our members, but we believe that these measures must pass to protect working families. We strongly urge your support for Props 1A-F.


Anonymous said...

Yea, vote for the government to take more of your money and then tax you to pay it back, that makes a lot if sense. The democrats want people to depend on the government of everything. They don’t want you to think for yourself, they know what’s best for you, not you. Passing these propositions will put San Diego further in the toilet, it is a quick fix for a problem that is going to last a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Vote NO on 1A-1F unless you want to raise taxes on yourself for another 2 years. The government is spending money on BS and expecting us, the citizens, to bail them out.