Friday, May 15, 2009

Hueso vs. Takvorian?

The Environmental Health Coalition has been a thorn in the side of development in the South Bay for quite some time. The Inzunzas were never fans and, it appears, neither is Hueso. Word is that Ben is looking for an alternative to Takvorian who is a bit more “business” friendly on the Port Commission.

If Hueso is going to be so pro-development, then he should fit right into the 79th Assemblymember mold created by Vargas and continued by Salas.


Manny said...

This is another example of the leadership vacuum in the South Bay. Despite what some people think, Hueso is no one's champion. His position on Diane confirms this. Eventually he will disappoint the labor and environmental movements and his own constituents, because he only cares about his own political career. Progressives need to develop young latino leaders committed to their community and the wider progressive movement. If we keep backing candidates who talk a good game but fail to lead, the republicans will continue to run this county.

San Diego Events said...

Great post. I appreciate people with opinions like yours.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Hueso's concern about Diane has anything to do with her credentials. It's the politics of Barrio Logan.