Monday, May 4, 2009

San Diego Port Commission: Marti, what are you doing?

Because this was so much fun last time, with Scott Peters getting the nod over Laurie Black and then Laurie getting a seat later anyway.

Now Black is stepping off the board and here are the contenders so far as identified by CityBeat:

Marshall Merrifield

Name put forward by Sherri Lightener. It is a nice thing to do for a vanquished foe that can sing show tunes but he won’t get far given the other names in the mix.

Diane Takvorian of the Environmental Health Coalition

Recently endorsed for the open Port seat by the League of Conservation voters and put forward by both Todd Gloria and Donna Frye she seems like a great choice. Her name is well known in the political and activist communities The Port needs help and as an Executive Director she has the chops for the position; dealing with selfish cities and stubborn interests.

Bill Evans
WTF? Why is Marti Emerald putting the name of an anti-union insider up for the port? Is she on crack? Where’s the CLC on this?

My opinion; this is a brazen and crass attempt to position herself as accommodating to the Republican establishment in the (faint) hopes that she can get their support for a mayoral run or to be seen as the bridge between the Republicans on the City Council because Hueso is losing clout by running for the 79th.

With Labor being seen as on the ropes after the 8-0 vote weks ago, this is not the way to support your friends. The crazy thing is that I can see DeMaio and Faulcaner joining her in this leaving Tony Young and Ben Hueso as the deciders.

What is bothersome is that there is a fabulous progressive up for the seat and she could lose it because of a positioning move by a councilmember.

Marti, what are you doing?


Anonymous said...

That is a great question Socrates. It sounds like Marti is off the program. Then again, no one knows what is going on with her because I heard Xema keeps her so insulated no one can talk to her.

Anonymous said...

Marti will be off program so long as Xema pulls the strings. I volunteered for her campaign and was so offended by Xema that I only showed up once. And now Xema is the Chief of Staff. I like Marti but I wish she would dump the baggage that can drag her down.