Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Brown to (in a few months) Officially Announce Candidacy for Governor

Brown’s candidacy has been about not if he would run for Governor, but when he would make it official. According to Fog Street Journal:

“Now that Antonio Villaraigosa’s out of the race for governor, are you getting any closer to officially declaring your candidacy?” Fog City Journal asked Brown on the occasion of the annual Alice B. Toklas Pride Breakfast held Sunday at the Palace Hotel.

“I have to wait a few months,” Brown responded but didn’t stick around long enough for any follow-up questions.

If what has been happening here in San Diego is any indication, he needs to prove he can raise money. He and Newsom have had fundraisers here and this competition for dollars in economically depressed times will be indicative of their levels of support.

Traditionally, Brown has been able to thrive in attracting volunteers but suffered in the fundraising area. If he is to create a winning campaign, he must use these months to reach parity, if not surpass, Newsom whose issues with identity can be overcome with a sizable treasury.

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