Friday, June 5, 2009

Port Commission: Final Countdown

Last week, I predicted that the vote for San Diego Port Commissioner would be as follows:

Hueso – Burdick
Young – Burdick
DeMaio – Burdick
Gloria – Takvorian
Frye – Takvorian
Emerald – Burdick
Faulconer - Burdick
Lightner – Burdick

Labor is doing a final push for Takvorian and I will give them props in that they have their bases covered.

If it’s Takvorian, awesome! A true progressive gets on the Port. If Burdick, Labor still gets a seat at the table from a Democrat who wants to be pro-business but also wants a career and won’t anger potential future allies. If Evans, Labor loses out and Emerald, like Frye before her, gets played. Marshall may not have a chance because of Burdick.

All in all, Monday should be a good day and Marti should get a better strategist.

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