Wednesday, July 15, 2009

County Employees Call for Term Limits

From an SEIU Press Release:

San Diego- San Diego County employees today held a press conference at the County Administration Center to call for term limits for the San Diego County Supervisors. Margaret Johnson, a long-term County employee, filed an initiative with the San Diego Registrar of Voters to limit the Supervisor’s terms. The initiative would amend the San Diego County Charter to limit a Supervisor’s time in office to two four-year terms.

“The same politicians have run San Diego County for years, but they have failed to address the pressing issues facing our County,” Johnson said. “These career politicians have become so entrenched with special projects that they are routinely re-elected, even though they’ve lost touch with the needs of all the people of San Diego County . In fact, no incumbent Supervisor in San Diego County has lost a re-election bid in over a decade.”

Service Employees International Union Local 221, the union that represents San Diego County employees, was at the press conference to support the term limit initiative.

“We need new leaders with new ideas to improve the quality of life in San Diego County - leaders who are not focused on their own issues and benefits,” Service Employees International Union Local 221 President Sharon-Frances Moore said.

Once the initiative has been processed by the County, petition gatherers have 180 days to get 77,537 valid signatures in order to get the initiative on the June 2010 ballot.


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About time somebody does something about the County Supervisors.