Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Saldaña is in!

According to the San Diego News Network, Lori Saldaña is in the race for the seat currently held by Ron Roberts (#4) on the County Board of Supervisors.

So how does this change things? A lot.

Has good name recognition and already represents most of the 4th District through her current position in the state assembly. She hasn’t had a real race since her first but she’s proven that she can do what needs to be done to win. If she hires Remer, who almost tanked her first run, this race goes from a slam dunk to competitive. His record last time out wasn’t encouraging, but hopefully Saldaña can overcome his shortcoming and pull this one out.

Unlike Donna who I think is done. Frye can’t raise money, can‘t assemble a real campaign team, and can’t help out her CoS Steve Hadley in his run for her seat if she is distracted by her own race. Sure there are die-hard Donna supporters who would believe her if she said the moon was made of cheese, but they are too few and unorganized in general to pull off a race against someone like Lori.

And the same goes for Sheila. She has an even smaller base to work from and, without a solid from Labor, will have an even harder time of it. IMHO, she should stay at the Board of Education because the 3-2 voting block that passed the PLAs is too fragile to allow freelancing.

Will go to a runoff after June with Saldaña and the Republican who challenges Roberts. This guy has made many enemies over the years and isn’t loved by his side.


Disgusted Dem said...

Maybe on Saldana. Remember her recent performance on the State Budget: In the media, she only presented her personal low-priority bills and then parroted the budget line of the State Dem Party.

First they tried to "Kick the Can" into a different election cycle. Then they used the "Defenders of the Alamo" approach by pretending to be protecting the poor. Some of their proposed solutions were viable and reasonable; others were totally infeasible. Yes, the State GOPs were impossible! But the State Dems, including Saldana, bear a major responsibility for the crisis.

Maybe Saldana did something independent or creative to help the budget mess; but such actions, if any, were invisible.

Now Saldana is trying to polish her image by pretending that: (1) she was just a bystander to the State budget mess, and (2) that she really worked to protect the poor, and (3) she was busy working on other non-budget issues. She doesn't even the acknowledge the inconsistency of those three images. She should at least pick one of those false images and be consistent.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Donna will make up her mind with Lori in the race.

Jim T said...

If she can get the job, its a good play for Saldana. After all, the Board of Supervisors is the best political job in the County: best pay, best benefits, least amount of work.

I can never figure why Democrats are so reticent to take these jobs. For instance, why does Greg Cox consistently get a free pass?

Anonymous said...

Now we know: Socrates in Love is a Central Labor Council much for the balanced approach.

Anonymous said...

Socrates in Love:

You should read her 460 forms. All four of them-Senate 2012, Board of Equalization 2010, and her 76th Assembly Committees.

I think these allies she has and her strength as a candidate can be observed by her fundraising. You might even need to adjust your blog.....You should write that she is practically elected (sardonic phrase-in case you were wondering).

I think it might suite her better to run for Donna Frye's council seat were she is needed...

Nacho Torres