Thursday, July 9, 2009

The SDUT is right, in this case

I blame this on last night’s lunar eclipse and that the SDUT is suffering the same fate as other outlets in getting information from the Sanders Administration.

In today’s editorial section the SDUT takes on Jerry and his promises of transparency in the context of the California Public Records Act:

But it often appears that when requested documents are more likely to embarrass the mayor, the tougher it is to get them. Explanations of why certain information is withheld are inconsistent – sometimes draft e-mails are mysteriously held to be privileged communication, sometimes not. Reporters' messages requesting access to public records are sometimes simply ignored.

Now a new development makes us wonder if the deterioration of Sanders' long-stated commitment to transparent government is complete. The mayor's staff has accused Union-Tribune reporter Brooke Williams and data specialist Danielle Cervantes of using “physical and verbal intimidation” in attempts to get a city employee to provide public documents during a June 17 visit to City Hall. According to deputy press secretary Bill Harris, this “seemed to be an escalation of the intimidating tactics Danielle and Brooke attempt to employ with members of the mayor's communication staff.”

This is preposterous. Sanders, Pudgil and Harris would have the public believe that it amounts to “intimidation” for journalists to try to get the city of San Diego to live up to its legal obligation to operate in open, transparent fashion.

This editorial page has been mostly supportive of the mayor's policy initiatives and backed his 2008 re-election. But we are extremely disappointed by his decision to stonewall and bully the media. What's being done isn't just arrogant. In this state, it's unconstitutional.


sandawg said...

The Mayor is and has been way over his head at "TRYING" to manage SD.
His claims of "TRANSPARENCY] are not what we have expected.He requires all communications to the "OUTSIDE" to be cleared by himself or press staff which is counter to his open government statements.
He seems to think that "TRANSPARENCY" is defined as "HOW I SEE IT" not how it really is.
The most importnat issue is that the UT has challenged Sanders and Temporary Sheriff Gore in consecutive days to answer to the public [electors]. Both of them still want to cloak their actions from public view. Looks like "Business at Usual" down at "Enron by the Bay".

Anonymous said...

It would be different if Jerry was trying to do something but he does is cover his ass and he doesn't do that well at all.