Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ernest Dronenburg Dazed and Confused in San Diego Assessor Race

The Union-Tribune is reporting that GOP Ernest Dronenburg, who is running for County Assessor is having problems understanding the campaign reporting laws. While many would agree the campaign laws are complex, but he has run five times for a multi-county office, been in elected office since 1978. So, he should have a better handle with some of these laws.

Questions: Two of the infractions were he did know you can't use PO Boxes for donors and collect interest on those donations. If he is making these types of mistake and wants to run an office he has no previous experience, then what issues can we expect from him there?

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Unknown said...

If he did know then what is your complaint? I'd is that a typo and u meant to say didn't? I'd u make such obvious mistakes in spelling and you'be been an writer for some time now, what else can we expect from you? Are u dazed and confused?