Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stop Wall Street Favors

From the CDP:

Tell Congress to stop doing favors for Wall Street, and pass the Stop Tax-Haven Abuse Act now! The Stop Tax-Haven Abuse Act would crack down on the use of offshore tax-havens, the abuse of tax shelters by the super wealthy, and make it more difficult to avoid taxes by funneling money through foreign corporations.

Here's the video.

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--- said...

This might be up your alley if you're into political videos...

We’ve created a Huge Video Conversation Campaign called

“1 Million Strong Against Prop 16 with 1 Millionth the Budget of PG&E”

Launching Tuesday morning, May 18

Instead of sending a one-way message, which is somewhat effective if you have over $35,000,000 at hand, we're emphasizing interactive conversation, starting with the internet, and moving it online to expand.  Seeing as we have only a measly $30 to combat the massive ad campaign of PG&E, all we can do is spread the word and ask several excellent writers to get the word out.

Site with all the info is
where you’ll see:
• Notice of the main mash-up video we’ll be releasing May 18
• One pre-release video of the nine films street films we’ve made that will be in the mash up
• Who we are
• Explanation of why people on all parts of the political spectrum are against Prop 16