Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In case you missed it: LA Times Poll Shows CA Voters Choosing Democrats over GOP

From the CDP:

With one week to go before more than 6 million California voters begin to receive their mail-in ballots, top-of-the-ticket Republican candidates remain stuck in neutral, and in some cases, are sliding backward.

Despite spending more than $130 million bombarding the airwaves with ads for over a year, candidate Meg Whitman just can’t seem to buy her way into the hearts of California voters, according to the latest LA Times poll, which shows her five points behind Jerry Brown in the race for governor (Brown 49 – Whitman 44).  

Whitman’s poll numbers have been sliding downward in the past few months as the election draws closer -- a stinging rejection for a candidate who has outspent her opponent by 20:1.  In fact, Whitman’s paltry ratings (47% unfavorable vs. just 37% favorable) must have her media consultants running for the hills and scratching their heads, wondering why their slick, shiny ads haven’t persuaded Californians to even like their candidate, much less vote for her.

Meg’s fellow CEO counterpart and GOP “running mate” of sorts, Carly Fiorina, also hasn’t earned the trust of California voters, many of whom no doubt find Fiorina’s extremist, right-wing views on abortion, off-shore drilling and the environment, alarming. Fiorina trails Senator Barbara Boxer by eight points, (Boxer 51 – Fiorina 43), despite her barrage of negative attack ads on the Senator. 

Still more bad news for Republicans: California remains a state where President Obama remains popular among voters in general and overwhelmingly popular among  Democratic voters in particular. Voters here just aren’t buying into the latest rehashed and repackaged right-wing Republican ideas – or candidates – in fact they are rejecting them outright.  

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