Wednesday, August 3, 2011

FPPC Complaint Filed Against Pension Campaign For “Bait And Switch” Petition Tactics


FPPC Complaint Filed Against Pension Campaign For “Bait And Switch” Petition Tactics

Dishonest Use of Gas Prices and Gay Marriage As Advertisement Should Spur An Investigation

SAN DIEGO – (August 3, 2011) – The Fair Political Practices Commission was notified of potentially fraudulent activity by the Comprehensive Pension Reform for San Diego campaign committee this afternoon, including the video documentation of paid-signature gatherers using a phony petition to supposedly “lower gas prices” as a bait-and-switch that resulted in voters signing petitions for ballot measures that eliminate a retirement safety net for city employees.

Similarly, video was taken at the San Diego Pride festival, a major LGBT event in San Diego’s Balboa Park, where signature gatherers for the pension initiative pitched festivalgoers to sign petitions to make gay marriage legal when in fact no such petition has been cleared for circulation by the Secretary of State.

“Even after the gas price petition switcheroo was brought to the public’s attention nearly one month ago, the pension campaign has continued to employ that dirty trick and others,” said Evan McLaughlin, treasurer of the Just Say No, San Diego committee. “Apparently a public shaming was not enough. It’s now time we turn to the authorities.”

More details on the use of gay marriage and gas prices by the pension campaign is included in the attached letter, which was sent to the FPPC earlier today.

For more information or for an interview, please contact Evan McLaughlin at 619-850-2790.



rain said...

The case needs to be investigated. It's not tolerable for the community.

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David Ritchson said...

There will always be someone who's into elder financial abuse. Pity them.