Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lorena Gonzalez's home was attacked last night

Petty acts of vandalism against political targets screams cowardice about the perpetrators. Such acts, unfortunately, are not uncommon as they should be they too often succeed in silencing their target.

This is not the case today. The attack on the Gonzalez household was wrong on so many levels. Attempting to intimidate an entire family for political reasons should be condemned by anyone who believes in honest debate in a civilized society.

And this incident will not silence her voice. It will only make it stronger.

The atmosphere surrounding Lorena has heated up considerably thanks to SD Republican Party Secretary (and private investigator) Derrick Roach attempting to post her IRS information on SD Rostra and blogging that she is living a life of luxury at the expense of the workers she represents.

It is a weak and utterly invalid argument. What is not in dispute is this cycle of personal intimidation that the SD Republican Party has engaged in attempting to destroy the political debate towards anything constructive. The stalking of Carlos Marquez and attacks on Midori Wong were vile and pointless in that the goal of restarting redistricting never happened and the public tide turned against the SD Republican Party especially at City Hall.

If the SD Republican Party Central Committee ever got their heads straight, they would do something about their “leadership” which fosters an environment of hatred and makes such events like last night possible.

The attack on the Gonzalez home last night was wrong wrong wrong and such acts should never, ever, be tolerated.


Phat Jim said...

Isn't Lorena's husband a police officer? In the ranks of dumb things to do, this has to be way up on the list - I imagine police take vandalism of their homes VERY seriously.

Tony Trejo said...

This is some of the worst reporting ever. Franklin, you failed to provide evidence pointing to any guilty party, and you also failed to describe the nature of the attack. If you want to do a service, include those two items in your next post. If not your just another partisan rabble rouser. Congratulations!