Tuesday, September 13, 2011

And so it begins....

Well just when you thought it couldn't get any crazier in the South Bay. It did. With Bob Filner running for Mayor that left his seat open. The moment after Bob finished his sentence declaring his run for Mayor, Juan Vargas said he was running for his seat. Which was as surprising as the Sun rising in the east. I mean Vargas has run for the seat a number of times and for a long created a bitter feud in the South Bay with Filner on one hand and Vargas on the other. This feud played out in every political contest in the South Bay for years.
Now with Filner out of the way it was now Vargas to inherit the seat that he has been coveting for time immemorial. But not so fast...

With Denise Ducheny now resigning her position and declaring her intention to run for that same seat has now thrown that easy slide into office into an actual campaign. Ducheny is no wall flower and has a lot of respect and contacts throughout the state and elsewhere and Vargas knows this which is why he preempted Ducheny's annoucement with a call to abolish the State Unemployment commission and take the time to attack her personally as well.

The crazy thing is this is only Day one and Vargas knows this will be a long hard slog on a campaign which could conceivably go until November.

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