Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Dumanis Campaign

Word on the street is that her campaign has reached out to former CRP and SDRCP Chair Ron Nehring to shore up her ebbing support on the Republican side of the aisle.

After her about face on the DeMaio Pension Measure and refusing to reveal how she voted on the sales-tax hike in 2010, her campaign appears to be suffering from policy paralysis. She will need any help she can obtain to remain credible with voters if this continues.

Shepard took advantage of Tierney's vacation to kneecap Dumanis with some downtown types and conservative Democratic voting blocs. With DeMaio claiming the right and Filner taking the left, Fletcher and Dumanis are left with the shrinking middle and Nathan has been working it while watching his flanks.

Dumanis has been firing campaign managers and not answering questions from the UT editorial board. Neither of which inspire confidence in the campaign.

This writer will be surprised if her campaign makes it past this year.

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