Thursday, October 20, 2011

Protest Rally Tomorrow for School Funding and to make Nathan Fletcher listen to his Constituents.

In the three years that Nathan Fletcher  has been representing constituents in the 75th AD, including members of the Poway Unified School District community, California public schools have undergone their worst financial crisis since the inception of the state constitution in 1849, and the constitutional establishment of California public schools.  Over $17 billion have been cut from public education and the per pupil loss in the Poway Unified is over $1,300.  Even before 2008, schools were struggling with constant underfunding. 

Assemblymember Nathan Fletcher has signed a pledge to vote against allowing his constituents the opportunity to vote on a revenue extension measure, on the June 2011 special election ballot, that would protect education from deeper budget cuts. 

Without this revenue extension measure, the Legislative Anaylst’s Office (LAO) reports that funding for schools would fall by at least $2 billion, or more than $335 per student.  The Governor has stated that the cuts to schools could be twice that amount, which would be devastating for our classrooms.

Currently the Poway Unified School District has Kindergarten classes of 28 students, middle school classes with more than 40 students and high school classes with more than 50 students.  We are in survival mode.  If voters are denied the opportunity to determine the fate of the tax extension measure we will be facing a $25 million budget shortfall in 2012-13 and a budget so dire the following year that it is beyond comprehension.

Protest rally tomorrow, Friday 21, from 8:20AM to 9:20AM on the street corner at Los Penasquitos Elementary School in Rancho Penasquitos (14125 Cuca St., San Diego, 92129

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