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Two Cathedrals: Roger Hedgecock peddling DeMaio hypocrisy

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From his very own “” email address today, disgraced former mayor Roger Hedgecock of all people sounded the alarm to Carl DeMaio supporters that “a leading architect of backroom deals for special interests” is planning to — can you believe it — discuss Carl DeMaio in public at some point!

The hyperbole would be a little more convincing if it weren’t so hypocritical. Carl DeMaio personally made millions off of government contractors seeking bigger profits and non-competitive government contracts of his own. And thanks to spending his professional life as a walking, talking special interest, he was able to personally drop more than $273,000 in seed money for his campaign over the summer. A quick spin through the same disclosure records finds more than $50,000 from more than 180 developers, government contractors, and lobbyists — some of whom have had business before the council that DeMaio voted on.

We could call the lobbyist part hypocritical also, since DeMaio was instructed by the City Attorney that he should register as a lobbyist because of his high volume of contact with the city council (before his election). But he refused to register, thus refusing disclosure.

And if you really wanted to read the whole disclosure report — or even just the first page (a challenge for DeMaio previously), you might notice that he just appointed his campaign treasurer to his new Task Force to begin pre-emptively implementing his pension reforms before the ballot measure is approved or DeMaio is elected mayor. No backroom deals though!

Hedgecock also frets about supposed plans “to skirt campaign finance laws.” That is, not break the rules but find beneficial loopholes. This strategy might sound familiar from how Carl DeMaio has run his entire campaign. He combined the mailing lists of his pension reform initiative and personal campaign. He used taxpayer dollars to fund the reports that now make up his campaign platform. He used taxpayer dollars again to hold a series of jobs forums, the results of which have so far only been announced at a private, pay-for-entrance campaign event.

And, of course, he’s told people at official government events not to email him with government business at his government email address (subject to public review), but rather his personal email address because, as he explained “No one sees it except me.” That email address is hosted by his campaign website, if you were wondering.

So in short, Hedgecock’s entire email amounts to petulant whining that the tactics that DeMaio has used for his nearly twenty years of professional politics might also be used by someone else. Hedgecock knows how absurd it is, and so does DeMaio. But they sure are hoping that nobody else notices.

by Lucas O’Connor (with clients including Too Extreme for San Diego)

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