Monday, January 16, 2012

Dirty DeMaio: Will Carl DeMaio eliminate police pensions?

After months of waiting, on Friday San Diego finally got its first mayoral debate featuring all four leading candidates. And it didn't disappoint.

Things started off simply enough, by asking Carl DeMaio whether, in light of steadily improving pension numbers driven by a steadily improving economy, he still felt that police officers should eventually be transitioned to 401k. DeMaio caved on including police officers in his ballot measure, but assured San Diego that he still planned to take away police pensions down the line. DeMaio had a lot to say in response to the debate question, but despite being pressed, refused to answer the question.

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SANDAWG said...

The one item left out of the pension issue in San Diego is that the city employees are not enrolled in the Social Security System. Any city pensions will have to be $ 18-24,000.00 higher to compensate for that which will make the benefits look higher than they actually are. No one seems to want to even speak about this and how it affects pension payouts to retirees