Friday, April 6, 2012

A desperate Scott Peters, trying to divert attention from his refusal to release his taxes, attacks Saldaña

From the Saldaña campaign:

Behind in the polls and struggling to jumpstart his floundering Congressional campaign, Scott Peters tried to divert attention from his refusal to release his taxes with an attack on former Speaker Pro Tem Lori Saldana.

The attack, based upon old newspaper articles, criticized Saldana's support for labor and consumer-backed legislation, claiming she supported "special interests."
“Everything cited in the Peters’ press release has been public for years. Yet Mr. Peters doesn’t believe in applying transparency to himself,” Joe Kocurek, a Saldaña spokesperson, said.

"This is a smear by a candidate who is losing the campaign and who is facing a growing chorus of public criticism for refusing to subject his tax returns to public scrutiny," he said. “Just this week, President Obama signed a bill to ban insider trading by members of Congress.

“The public has the right to know what Mr. Peters’ sources of income are; what tax breaks and loopholes he has utilized; and how much tax he pays,” he said.
Several weeks ago, Ms. Saldana made her tax returns public and asked the other candidates in the race to do the same.

“Congressman Bilbray has responded to former Speaker Pro Tem Saldana’s challenge to release his taxes," Kocurek stated. "Even Mr. Peters’ La Jolla neighbor, Mitt Romney, released his taxes.”

Peters attack on Saldana cited two trips she took. "No taxpayer dollars were ever used by Ms. Saldana on her trade missions," Kocurek said."Their purpose was to help expand and grow California’s economy. This is in stark contrast to the $660,000 in taxpayer money Mr. Peters spent on legal fees when he was found grossly negligent by the SEC for mismanaging the city of San Diego’s budget.”

On one mission, Ms. Saldana, a co-author of California's landmark Greehouse Gas Reduction Act, visited a rural swine farm in Brazil in order to examine the latest technology for creating methane gas as an alternative fuel.

The spokesman said that Ms. Saldana is proud of her 100% Sierra Club record and her support for consumer-backed bills, including the two cited by Mr. Peters.
One bill to expand public access to broadband internet to low-income familes, was supported by the California Labor Federation and the American Heart Association and passed the Assembly unanimously, 77-0.

 The second bill, to target green energy efforts on low income rental units, was supported by the Western Center for Law and Poverty, the consumer group TURN, and passed the Assembly.

"Mr. Peters’ press release is filled with factual inaccuracies and mischaracterizations." Kocurek stated.

“The candidate who is behind in the polls is always the first to attack,” he said.



Hobo, Luna and Milo Green said...

Lori Saldana is right -- the candidate who is behind in the polls is always the first to attack. That explains why she's been launching personal attacks on Scott and even engaging in juvenile name-calling for weeks and then throwing out the results of a fraudulent poll (which also happened to state that Ron Paul could beat President Obama). Scott's criticism of Lori is based on her voting record in the Legislature. The voters need to see Lori Saldana for who she really is -- and this is just the beginning.

daniel j smiechowski said...

Let there be no doubt that Scott Peters is at heart a man of the people despite the issue of his personal tax returns. Mr. Peters had the common decency to return my telephone call and discuss some personal issues whereas Ms Saldana as a member of the California Legislature would not even bother to return my numerous calls regarding the death of my beloved father, how terribly sad and pathetic.

anita said...

I don't know why others support Peters, but I saw the debate on Mar 14 and learned at that time who the better candidate was to beat Bilbray. Lori had answers to every question and was knowledgable on all the issues presented and did not skirt any of the questions. While Bilbray and Peters said they were against the legalization of marijuana, Lori was the only candidate to support medicinal marijuana. Whether Peters releases his tax reports or not, it is clear from minimal peeks that he has enough money to finance his campaign and then some. I've never seen him speak out at any of the protests and rallies for move to amend or even women's rights. His platform is minimalist at best and what is his stand on single payer healthcare? so far his claim to fame is "willing to compromise." We don't need another compromising dem in Congress to continute to give in to the republicans and gain nothing. We need a dem who believes in the resolutions set forth by the CA Dem platform and that includes single payer healthcare for all and overturning citizens united. so far, those agendas are not on Peters' list of things to do in congress, but they are on Lori Saldana's list.

Martha Sullivan said...

I know desperation when I see it. In the face of the $660,000 in taxpayer money Mr. Peters spent on legal fees when he was found grossly negligent by the SEC for mismanaging the City of San Diego’s budget? Pathetic.

Victor Deloach said...

Scott Peters should focus more on making platforms that can be done instead of attacking Saldana. He can post his online tax returns to his online sight for people to see that he's sincere in public service.

Unknown said...

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andieclark said...

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Unknown said...

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