Friday, August 24, 2012

DeMaio's Failed Environmental Record Highlighted

Environmental Leader Condemns Candidate's Attempt to Sidestep Extreme Record of Supporting Developers and Polluters

SAN DIEGO – (Friday, August 24, 2012) – In response to Carl DeMaio’s attempt to rebrand his mayoral campaign by releasing an environmental plan yesterday, the president of the San Diego region’s leading politically active environmental organization called out Councilman DeMaio for his dismal performance at City Hall on environmental issues.

DeMaio the candidate may have a reason to appear friendly to environmental issues in order to appear moderate to voters, but his record as a city councilmember reveals he demonstrates the opposite.

Livia Borak, President of the League of Conservation Voters San Diego, made the following statement in response to DeMaio’s press release.

"While the policy goals outlined by Carl DeMaio are welcome, they unfortunately still fail to reflect any serious engagement with the environmental challenges facing San Diego. Carl DeMaio's claims of environmental leadership would be insulting if they weren't so obviously laughable against his terrible record on environmental issues.

“During his tenure on the council, DeMaio received F’s on the Environmental Quality Report Card in 2009 and 2011 and he mustered a D+ in 2010. By a significant margin, his cumulative score was the worst of any councilmember during that time, and has managed to be a reliable opponent of responsible environmental policy across the board."

“While Mr. DeMaio's pledge to meet with the environmental community is welcome, it notably did not come in time for him to participate in an environmental mayoral forum held by LCV San Diego to field questions from several leading environmental organizations.

“Similarly, it's encouraging to hear DeMaio discussing the importance of open space. However, DeMaio hasn't appeared in the minutes of a single meeting of the San Dieguito River Valley Regional Open Space Joint Powers Authority since January 2011 -- despite being one of the two San Diego City Councilmembers appointed as a representative to the board.”

The Environmental Quality Report Card is researched and published annually by the League of Conservation Voters San Diego and has received input from other leading environmental advocacy organizations. Report cards referenced in Borak’s statement can be found here:
-- 2011: 58.8% F:
--  2010: 68.8% D+:
-- 2009: 58.8% F:

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