Wednesday, August 15, 2012

DeMaio's Landlord Endorsement Demonstrates His Opposition to Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Advocates Say Apartment Association and DeMaio Both Worked Against San Diego's Middle Class

SAN DIEGO – (Wednesday, August 15, 2012) –  Carl DeMaio today announced the endorsement of the San Diego County Apartment Association, attempting to spin the landlord group’s endorsement to appeal to moderate voters. However, the record says otherwise -- mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio and the Apartment Association are wrong on affordable housing issues.

Carl DeMaio understandably hopes to whitewash his record of standing with developers and those profiting from the great recession at the expense of struggling San Diegans, but his new-found need to court moderate voters doesn't change the truth. While local families look for better opportunities to stay in San Diego and grow the middle class, Carl DeMaio stands with the developers and landlords who continue to push for more of the same policies that got us into an emergency housing crisis.

Affordable housing has reached a crisis level in San Diego. Rents have become increasingly unaffordable as home ownership has declined, and the landlord group has regularly resisted efforts like the Affordable Housing Linkage Fee program, Renters Rights rules that protect families from unfair renting policies, and lead paint protections that would promote safe and affordable housing.

DeMaio and the landlords have both opposed policies that help San Diego families afford housing at every turn, according to affordable housing advocates:

Betsy Morris, former CEO of the San Diego Housing Commission and currently an affordable housing advisor:
 "Carl DeMaio is not an advocate for more affordable housing,” explained Morris. “In high priced areas like San Diego, the gap between the cost of rent and wages for working families is too great to be bridged by phantom 'regulatory relief.' A prudent leader would recognize that the public has a stake in guiding investment to expand infrastructure in support of new housing and community benefits. Instead, Carl DeMaio has supported spending public funds to add low wage jobs that are insufficient to afford apartment rents. He also voted against raising funds for more affordable housing.”

Dr. Murtaza Baxamusa, Director of Planning and Development for the San Diego Building Trades Family Housing Corporation:
 "Why do San Diegan workers continue to struggle to make ends meet? The answer lies in the gap between what a job pays and what it costs to live in San Diego," said Baxamusa. "But all we see from the likes of Carl DeMaio is the same failed economic experiment that puts landlords, big business and developers above the interests of middle class San Diegans."
Dr. Nico Calavita, Professor Emeritus at San Diego State University's School of Public Affairs:

"Supporting affordable housing means ensuring that if you work in San Diego, you can afford to live in San Diego," Calavita said. "Mr. DeMaio has undermined policies and programs in support of that goal. Saying he is a supporter of affordable housing is preposterous."

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