Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ocean Champions Endorses Scott Peters for CA-52

Civic Leader Has Created Jobs While Protecting the San Diego Coast

Washington, D.C. – August 9, 2012 – Ocean Champions, which works to build political power for the oceans by helping to elect pro-ocean candidates to the U.S. Congress, proudly endorses Scott Peters for California’s 52nd District in the House of Representatives.

“Scott Peters has a long and distinguished record of leading initiatives that improve coastal water quality while increasing jobs and raising quality of life in San Diego,” said David Wilmot, Ph.D., Ocean Champions’ President and Co-Founder. “This stands in stark contrast to incumbent Congressman Brian Bilbray, who has supported numerous bills that attack our oceans.”

As a City Councilman, Scott Peters chaired the San Diego Foundation Climate Initiative that deepened community awareness about climate change’s local impacts and inspired reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.  He believes our energy policy should emphasize development of sustainable, clean technologies to lower environmental impacts while creating American jobs and enabling energy independence.  His opponent, Congressman Bilbray has jumped on the “drill, baby drill” bandwagon, voting to lower offshore drilling safety standards to levels that led to the BP Gulf oil spill and failing to vote against a bill that expanded offshore oil drilling to new coastal areas, including Southern California. Bilbray has also voted to continue granting billions in subsidies to Big Oil while cutting funds to important initiatives like the National Ocean Policy. 

As Co-chair of San Diego’s Clean Water Task Force, Peters led the rehabilitation of an aging sewer system, reducing spills and their resulting beach closures by 80%.  He also implemented measures to reduce coastal pollution by controlling runoff.  As a City Councilman, he received consistently high grades on work to promote water quality.  More recently, as San Diego Port Chairman, he brought leading scientists from Scripps, San Diego State and Sea World together in an effort to restore sea life and habitat on the harbor floor.  Congressman Bilbray, on the other hand, supported one amendment to block funding on initiatives to limit runoff pollution in the Chesapeake Bay, and another to block the EPA from implementing new water quality standards to prevent toxic green slime from polluting Florida’s lakes and rivers.  Bilbray has also supported numerous attempts to gut Clean Air Act standards that protect San Diegans and their coastal water.

“For San Diegans, the ocean defines our quality of life," said Peters. "It's a precious natural resource and also critical to our economy. That’s why we reject the notion that we must choose between a clean water and a strong economy; we must have both," he said, adding, “the new 52nd has some of the most spectacular coastline in the country.”

As a civic leader who has consistently created jobs and helped San Diego’s economy grow while improving coastal environmental quality (and quality of life), we believe Scott Peters is a true ocean champion, and the best choice to represent California’s 52nd District.

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