Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Peters Campaign Launches First TV Ad of General Election

“Kids” Takes Aim at Dysfunctional Congress  

San Diego – The Scott Peters for Congress campaign launched its first television commercial of the General Election today. The 30-second spot, called “Kids” takes aim at the terrible dysfunction in Congress which has caused Congressional approval ratings to hit an all time low.

“The constant conflict and quarrelling we’re seeing from elected representatives in Washington, including Brian Bilbray, has never been worse,” said Peters. “We wouldn’t let our kids get away with behavior like this, why should we accept it in our leaders?” he said.

The ad opens with Peters saying: “Bickering. Fighting. We wouldn’t put up with this from our kids. It’s time Washington got something done.” Behind him are children dressed as House members in a mock Congressional committee room arguing and throwing paper at one another.

“It would be comical if it weren’t so sadly representative of the way our current Congress, and the incumbent, Brian Bilbray, have been conducting our nation’s business as of late,” said Peters' Communications Director MaryAnne Pintar.

“Brian Bilbray has worked in D.C. as a special interest lobbyist and congressman for decades, yet he's trying desperately to portray himself as an outsider,” she said. “He can't hide from the fact that he's part of the problem. To change Congress, we must change who we send.”

Several recent national polls show that public approval of Congress is at its lowest in history, due in large part to hyper partisanship and bickering that has caused unprecedented gridlock in Washington, D.C.

Peters is running to unseat Bilbray, a 12-year-incumbent, in the newly drawn 52nd Congressional District. To find out more, go to


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