Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sierra Club Endorses Scott Peters for Congress

San Diego – The Scott Peters for Congress campaign today proudly announced the endorsement of the Sierra Club, which has 1.4 million members across America. Peters is running in the newly drawn 52nd Congressional District against 12-year-incumbent Brian Bilbray who has voted repeatedly to undermine laws that protect our water, air and wildlife.

The endorsement means financial support from the club’s political action committee and outreach to its 12,000 members in San Diego County.

“In San Diego, where our quality of life and our economy are so tied to our natural resources, we reject the idea that we must choose between protecting our natural resources and our economic prosperity,” said Peters. “We must achieve both.”

Peters practiced environmental law before entering his career in public service. While in private practice, he successfully represented several environmental organizations in a lawsuit against a polluting shipyard, which ultimately led to new Clean Water Act standards for these facilities.

His long record of environmental accomplishments earned him the local club’s backing during previous campaigns, and if elected, he hopes to help shape national policy related to renewable energy, climate change, and clean wate. National clean water advocates Ocean Champions also endorsed Peters last month.

In stark contrast, Brian Bilbray has voted repeatedly to undermine the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts; against regulating greenhouse gas emissions; against regulating pollutants to drinking water sources; and against wilderness and wildlife protections. He’s voted for lowering offshore oil drilling safety standards, while supporting billions in subsidies to profitable oil and gas companies who have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to his election campaigns.

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