Monday, October 29, 2012

National Nurses Group Backs Peters for Congress Over Bilbray

San Diego – National Nurses United, the nation’s largest professional association of registered nurses, and their state affiliate the California Nurses Association, have endorsed Scott Peters for Congress over Tea Party incumbent Brian Bilbray, the Peters campaign announced today.

“We believe you will do an excellent job in representing your district on health, women’s issues, and civil rights, which are important to Registered Nurses,” wrote NNU Political Action Committee Chair Carolyn Hietamaki, R.N., in a letter to Peters.

“Nurses are on the front lines of patient care,” Peters said. “They are compassionate, highly skilled men and women who play a critical role in our health care system. I applaud them for the valuable work they do,” he added.

Hietmaki said they are backing Peters also because they believe he will be a stronger advocate for preserving and protecting Medicare than Mr. Bilbray, based on Bilbray’s record. Bilbray has voted 10 times throughout his career in Congress to cut Medicare benefits for seniors, and twice to essentially end it as part of the Ryan/Brian budget.

NNU is a national advocate for comprehensive patient safety reforms, and very active in the national health care debate, pushing for affordable care and high patient-safety standards. Recently, the California Nurses Association was behind the law in California that requires a minimum nurse-to-patient ratio in hospitals to improve patient care.

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