Saturday, August 24, 2013

Democratic Party Reaction to San Diego Mayor Bob Filner's Resignation

Following the announcement today of Mayor Bob Filner's resignation as part of a settlement with the City Council, San Diego County Democratic Party Chair Francine Busby has issued this statement:

“I share the relief of most San Diegans that Bob Filner has accepted the calls for his resignation from the Democratic Party and others. It’s time to put this painful chapter in the City’s history behind us.

“The women who have spoken out with stories of mistreatment deserve our appreciation, compassion, and support. No one should have to endure the behavior they reported, including the disrespect that Mr. Filner has already acknowledged.

“As for the legal process, the parties involved will have their day in court. On a human level, Mr. Filner has admitted to profound personal failings, and I urge him to continue to seek whatever treatment he may need.

“The rest of us must now work to ensure that the urgent business of San Diego will carry on. The City Council will soon set the date for a special election. Despite the difficult time that the City has faced in recent weeks, I hope voters will participate and turn out in force to give our City’s next leader the support to move us forward.
“Last November, San Diegans didn’t just choose someone to be the Mayor. They endorsed a Democratic vision for the future. From investing in renewable energy to highlighting our role as a border community, from standing up for working families to embracing the diversity of our people and the strength of our neighborhoods, they voted for a distinctly progressive agenda. That mandate is greater than any one person, and now it remains our responsibility and privilege to see it through.”

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