Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Statement of California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton on the 
San Diego Special Election Results

Over the past several months, Democrats in San Diego and throughout California have been working day and night to elect a Democratic mayor of San Diego. Last night, Democrats’ efforts fell short but it was not for lack of effort or for lack of commitment on our coalition’s part.

David Alvarez ran a campaign all Democrats can be proud of and the vision he outlined for his city will serve as a progressive marker for candidates and officials who continue to work toward a better, more inclusive San Diego.

Throughout the campaign, our activists alone, led by the CDP’ Chicano-Latino Caucus, made more than 25,000 calls using our online phone bank. Democrats everywhere pitched in where they could and it was impressive to see San Diego Democrats, County Committees, Caucuses and Clubs from across the state working together in a great, unified effort to elect the first Latino mayor of San Diego since 1849.

I have no doubt that David Alvarez and the coalition that supported his campaign will remain a viable force not only in San Diego, but in California Democratic politics for some time to come.

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