Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sarah Boot Calls Out Her Opponent On Yet Another Zapf Gaffe


Today, City Council candidate Sarah Boot questioned the ethics of a recent Tweet by opponent Lorie Zapf in which Zapf claimed an endorsement for "reelection" in District 2. Zapf represents District 6 on the City Council, not District 2, so the idea of being "reelected" is not only misleading to voters but a downright falsehood. Until his election to the mayor's office, Kevin Faulconer represented District 2, not Zapf.

"Lorie Zapf has failed to take care of the needs of residents in District 6 - having done little to address the growing crime problem and the lack of funds to fix our neighborhoods' crumbling infrastructure. Now she 's hoping to fool new voters in district 2." Boot said.

Sarah Boot is a former United Sates Attorney, lawyer representing local technology companies, internet companies, and non-profits. She live in the Midway community with her husband and two rescue dogs.

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Crystal said...

Sarah Boot seems like she's really stretching it in her criticism of Zapf on this. I mean, really? What would you call a City Councilwoman who is running for a city council seat AGAIN, if not re-election? I realize it's in a different district, but it is the same city council. Weak!