Wednesday, April 2, 2014


This is not your typical campaign endorsement.  Our first fundraiser was held at a restaurant, La Bella Vita, in Temecula.   There was a band playing at the restaurant and when the time came for the candidate to speak, the band stopped playing to come back and listen.  When the speech was over, the band leader, Joe (a professed Libertarian) said he liked what the candidate had to say.  The band left to finish playing their set when someone said to go out and listen to what the band was playing.  We went out and the band was playing a song they created on the fly, “Vote for Kimber”.  Later the band recorded the song in a studio and just recently put a video to the song as a music video endorsement the campaign.

Temecula, CA –April 1, 2014 –Not your typical endorsement, a local band, “Slow Traffic”, has endorsed James H. Kimber, Democratic candidate for California’s 50th Congressional District in a music video. The lead guitarist of the group, Joe Mullenix, a self-professed Libertarian, first met Kimber at a fundraiser at La Bella Vita in Temecula, CA. While “Slow Traffic” was not part of the fundraiser, they stopped to listen to the candidate during his speech. Joe Mullenix was so moved by the candidate’s words, he did an impromptu song, “Vote for Kimber” at the event. Later, Mr. Mullenix recorded the song and video as a visual endorsement for the candidate. The video can be seen on YouTube at

Kimber, who served 20 years on active duty service in the United States Navy. As a veteran, Kimber knows there are issues involving veterans that are being inadequately addressed such as the rising rate of veteran homelessness, the epidemic of suicides and lack of mental health, and the increasing violence against women in the military. “We owe our veterans the basic help they deserve for all they have sacrificed for this great country.”
Kimber has 30 years of healthcare experience and practices as a Physician Assistant in Neurosurgery in Escondido, CA and is on Medical Staff at Palomar Medical Center. He knows there is much more to do with healthcare reform and states “we can’t go back to millions of people without insurance or people being denied health insurance for pre-existing conditions. “

Kimber supports immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship. “There is a way to fix the current system but only if we all work together. Immigration reform is long overdue and people are tired of hearing excuses for why Congress won’t act on it now. The time for immigration reform is now!”

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