Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Zapf's Petty Nature

Councilmember Lorie Zapf, who has yet to win an election on her own (needs developer money for the cash she can't raise and and electeds - DeMaio last time and Fauconer this time - to do the heavy lifting with the Republican base that she can't),  has been know to have a petty nature.

This is the most blatant example:

Above is an image of a Proclamation from the City of San Diego honoring the outgoing head of the firefighters, Frank DeClerq, for his years of service. As you can see, it was making the rounds for signatures from councilmembers and Zapf's office has crossed her name out.

Why? Our guess is because the firefighters have endorsed her opponent, Sarah Boot, for District 2.

A picture speaks a thousand words. To try and score political points over years of non-partisan public service shows how petty Zapf has become.

Leave the Jr. high school actions in the past. And if you can't grow up, maybe you shouldn't be allowed to lead.

San Diego deserves better.

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