Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Carl DeMaio silent after Hobby Lobby ruling

CONTACT: Alex Roth, 619-228-3253

San Diego -- Carl DeMaio has been remarkably silent in the wake of yesterday’s Hobby Lobby ruling. You can practically hear the crickets chirping. A review of his social media streams and a Google search reveal that candidate DeMaio, who is trying to portray himself as 'pro-choice,' has once again refused to address one of the most important civil rights issues facing our nation.

It's no wonder that in 2012 Planned Parenthood called DeMaio a "stealth candidate who refused to answer Planned Parenthood's questions about women's access to health care."

"He's running for Congress. Voters deserve to know exactly where he stands on yesterday's critical Supreme Court decision," said Peters campaign communications director Alex Roth. "For a guy who insists women should vote for him, he’s been uncharacteristically at a loss for words about a ruling with profound consequences for women’s health care and reproductive freedom."

In stark contrast, Rep. Scott Peters, who is endorsed by Planned Parenthood for his 100 percent record of standing up for women's rights, has been loud and clear about his dismay at yesterday's court decision.

“It’s a pretty simple question: Does DeMaio agree with the Supreme Court ruling or doesn’t he?” Roth said. “His failure to answer this question is not only evasive but also a telling sign about where he really stands on issues that are important to women.”


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