Friday, September 5, 2014

Peters Endorsed by Climate Hawks Vote, Citing “Political Courage” and “Strong Climate Leadership”

San Diego -- Rep. Scott Peters was endorsed today by Climate Hawks Vote, an environmental advocacy organization formed to elect leaders who prioritize and speak out on the climate need to address climate change.  Peters was recognized for his unwavering commitment to protecting our environment and for providing real leadership in Congress on climate.  The group cited Rep. Peters’ proven ability to work well with members of both parties, furthering their goal of making climate change solutions a bipartisan priority.

“Climate Hawks Vote is delighted to endorse Scott Peters…for his strong climate leadership and for taking first place in our August 2014 survey. And his approach just may break partisan gridlock in Congress,” Climate Hawks Vote said in its statement regarding the endorsement of Rep. Peters.

The environmental group said Rep. Peters “could have ducked the thorny climate issue. Instead, he stepped up to the plate in a big way once in office, taking on a leadership role in the House Sustainable Energy & Environment Coalition, authoring bills, and speaking out in the national and local press. That took political courage.”

Peters thanked Climate Hawks Vote and vowed to continue his working with members of both parties to address the climate crisis.

“As a coastal city, San Diego lives on the front line of climate change,” said Rep. Peters.  “Our economy, our quality of life, and the future of our children all depend upon our willingness to put science ahead of politics and deal with the climate crisis immediately.”

Rep. Peters’ leadership on climate change began as a member of the San Diego City Council, when he approved the City’s Sustainable Community Program and the Climate Protection Action Plan, which is the City’s plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The City’s new General Plan, adopted in 2008, won national awards for the standards it set for sustainability and responsible energy usage.

As chairman of the San Diego Unified Port District, Rep. Peters led the effort to pass a climate action plan to deal with the effects of sea level rise on port businesses and tenants.  He also chaired the climate initiative at the San Diego Foundation, a philanthropic civic engagement effort designed to support good local decision-making around climate change.

As a first-term Congressman, Rep. Peters chairs the Climate Task Force for the Sustainable Energy & Environment Coalition, advancing policies that address climate change and protect clean air, water, and open spaces; foster clean energy innovation; and develop renewable energy sources.  Amongst other legislation, he cosponsored the Coastal State Climate Change Planning Act, which would create a climate change mitigation grant program under the Coastal Zone Management Act to help coastal states plan for the impacts of climate change.  He also introduced the bipartisan Strengthening The Resiliency of Our Nation on the Ground (STRONG) Act, which gives state and local actors the tools they need to prepare, plan for, and more quickly recover from extreme weather events.

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