Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rep. Peters Pledges to Continue Seeking  "Practical, Centrist Solutions" in 2nd Term 


San Diego -- Following tonight's vote update from the San Diego County Registrar of Voters, Rep. Scott Peters released the following statement:

"I am honored the constituents of California’s 52nd Congressional District chose to send me back for another two years.  I thank my wife Lynn and my family for their steadfast support; my exceptional campaign team for their integrity, expertise, hard work, discipline and good humor; and the hundreds of volunteers who worked nonstop to remind voters in every corner of the district about the importance of this election. I also thank Carl DeMaio for his commitment to public service and government reform; while we disagreed on many issues, I congratulate him on running a tenacious, aggressive and tough campaign.

"My commitment to San Diego is to continue on the path I forged in 2012, working with members of both parties to break the gridlock and get things done for my district and the nation.  Election night was a hard one for the Democratic Party, but perhaps there are lessons from our path to victory here in our Republican-leaning district where we won this election by an even a larger margin than in 2012, a better year for Democrats.

"My campaign moved beyond the false choices that dominate the current dialogue in Washington, and answered the voters’ demand for practical, centrist solutions. The voters want real leadership on issues like protecting a woman’s right to choose, addressing climate change, providing fair wages and safe working conditions, and giving students the opportunity to afford a college education.  But they also want a strong commitment to national defense and a willingness to work with the business community in a partnership for job creation and economic expansion.  In San Diego that means renewed investments in basic infrastructure – our roads and bridges – and in emerging sciences and technologies like green energy, high tech and bio tech, and other innovative businesses that create good jobs. 

"As Democrats we can embrace our traditional values while giving business leaders a viable alternative to government shutdowns, ballooning deficits, credit downgrades, and partisan gridlock.  My campaign is proof that most Democrats, many Republicans and a majority of the fast-growing independent electorate will unite behind a candidate who embraces these goals.

"The business community is feeling evermore abandoned by many Republican congressional leaders.  The question now becomes whether Democratic leaders are willing to seize the opportunity, and the responsibility, for fostering business growth and
economic prosperity. I am committed to it and I thank the voters of the 52nd District for the honor they have given me."


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