Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tilting at Windmills Alert!

Is Mike Aguirre looking for a new job in broadcast media? Or is he just tilting at windmills again? From the UT this morning, "Aguirre to review KPBS documents." Apparently the city attorney has moved from rooting out corruption at city hall to investigating the decision-making processes at KPBS radio and television. According to the article:

City Attorney Michael Aguirre wants to know the story behind KPBS' decision to cancel its public affairs TV show “Full Focus.” He also wants to know how the public broadcast station selects participants for its “Editors Roundtable” talk show, which is carried on radio and TV. [Link]

I have a hard time trying to understand how KPBS falls under the purview of the city attorney's office. But what really bothers me about this story is this part:

"In addition to seeking documents related to “Full Focus,” Aguirre also requested documentation of the station's 20 largest donors for the past two years." [Link]

To me this doesn't strike me a being a watchdog, instead it strikes me as being very Nixonian.

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