Monday, October 29, 2007

Crazy Wingnut Alert!!

Via Think Progress: On Meet The Press yesterday, William Safire who is close to being insane these days, particularly when he's peddling his pet theory that Mohamed Atta had secretly met with Iraqi Intelligence in Prague during the Spring of 2001, now thinks that Mitt Romney should make General Patraeus his VP selection.[Link] Safire is not the first wingnut to state that Patraeus should be the GOP's VP selection next year, he does carry a little more credibility with the MSM than most crazy wingnuts.
UPDATE: Someone e-mailed me, to tell me that on Meet The Press, Safire also said that he believes Obama will select DiFi as his VP if he wins the nomination. I have to wonder what Safire is putting into his Ensure these days because he really isn't making any sense at all.


Anonymous said...

Nut job, when Feinstein endorsed Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Romney/Patraeus will be head and shoulders better then Commmie(Clinton)/Appeaser(Clark) in `08 and real Americans will choose strength over weakness!