Thursday, November 1, 2007

First Sweat Shops, Now Plagarism?

Like it was an employee starting an organizing drive, neighborhood-ruining conglomerate Wal-Mart recently dropped its famous ad slogan "Always Low Prices, Always."

For the first time in 19 years Wal-Mart slaves...errr employees, will wear vests and be featured in commercials without the famous saying. The slogan has been replaced with the much more positive sounding "Save Money, Live Better."

While the saying does give the impression that Wal-Mart actually improves people's lives (::scoff, scoff::), it is strangely similar to the famous union slogan "Live Better, Work Union." Wal-Mart should probably start paying royalties to the AFL-CIO, or at least allow their employees to be treated with dignity.


Anonymous said...

Whatever! You whine Liberals always hate success and love failure. This is why you are such appeasers to those who wish to destroy America. Real Americans know your game and will expose your plan to weaken America from within and without!

Anonymous said...

Hannitized, I've missed you!