Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wednesday - Quick Hits

Where's the catch? Insurers voluntarily adopt reforms to speed up the paying of claims from the wildfires. UT

Hey Phil, how about putting a proposal together for a new stadium? Billionaire Philip Anschutz company AEG Live to build and host concerts at new venue on Qualcomm site. UT

The problem that never seems to end. Congress sets aside $66 million for Tijuana river sewage treatment. UT

Next time try an earmark! Congress doesn't approve $80 million for new downtown Federal courthouse. UT

Job opening at UCSD. Preuss school principal resigns amid grading scandal. UT VOSD

Citizens group submits petition for ballot iniative to place height and other land use restrictions on the ballot in Chula Vista. UT

Waste of taxpayers money, county to sue Secretary of State over restrictions placed on electronic voting machines. UT

Chula Vista grants permit for county's second High Tech High. UT

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