Thursday, December 20, 2007

Race for San Diego is heating up!

For those interested the California Republican Party (CRP) they have issued a press release of a New Finance Director, Molly Parnell. It seems the former Finance Chair, Steven C. Francis, is no longer around, except on their website. As they said in Usual Suspects, "And like that, he's gone." The CRP update comes a day before Charles Gallagher made the call into Voice of San Diego that "if" Steve runs for mayor, then he will be his campaign manager.

I don't think Kris Mitchell and Fred Sainz feel these are good signs for their hope of a smooth re-election bid, because they probably don't see Jim Bell and Rocky Neptun as real heavy weight challengers.


Anonymous said...

jim bell is running for mayor again, wow. what is kevin forkner going to do on his mayor endorsement, because both jerry and jim endorsed him in his council race?

Anonymous said...

I saw Steve Francis making the rounds today at the Jerry Bukietwicz tribute lunch.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Bukietwicz for Mayor!!!