Saturday, March 8, 2008

Francis hits the Mail

Steve Francis has taken his pitch to the mailboxes, it seems. A friend of mine told me this evening that she received an 8 page mailer from Steve Francis - proclaiming him to be the "independent for mayor." (She is a Democrat, PAV) The mail piece was described as a typical introduction piece, just like his commercials, with pictures of him and wife, him as a boy scout, etc. Nothing about his right of center politics, just feel good stuff. Anyone know who is doing his mail?


Anonymous said...

Marty Block has a $100,000 independent expenditure lined up? That's going to give a good boost of financial support to his campaign.

Anonymous said...

La Playa Heritage:

As independant and progressive voters ourselves we read Mr. Francis' Visionary plan.

In his plan, as Mayor, Mr. Francis is going to show up to City Council meetings, hold town hall meeting, preserve open parks and space, and plans a new renaissance in Southeast San Diego. He also supports Father Joe, the poor, and the homeless.