Monday, March 31, 2008

Progressive Picks

Progressive San Diego tipped its hat to two Democratic candidates for San Diego Unified's school board, handing endorsements to Richard Barrera and John Lee Evans.

Barrera's endorsement isn't a big surprise: The labor organizer sits on Progressive San Diego's board, and is currently the sole qualifying candidate in the race to replace trustee Luis Acle.

Evans, a Democrat and a psychologist who works in Poway, is competing with incumbent Mitz Lee, a Republican.

According to PSD, Barrera and Evans were the only candidates in their respective races to answer the group's request to enter the endorsement process, which includes a questionnaire and an interview.

Progressive San Diego hasn't endorsed in the third school board race, for Sheila Jackson's seat, because the group has yet to meet with Jackson and her competitors, said Tommie Watson, the group's operations director. Watson explained that the group had prioritized more heavily contested races. (Prior to Acle's failure to qualify, the race for his seat look competitive, Watson said.)

~Emily Alpert
Voice of San Diego

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