Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Boling's Hands in All the Cookie Jars

I paid a visit to the Registar's office this morning to take a look into the sources of Jan Goldsmith's fundraising. Before I got more than a couple pages in, April Boling's name caught my eye as "Mr. Ferret's" treasurer. Today, Voice casually mentioned that Boling supports Goldsmith's campaign. We'll I'd hope so since she is on his payroll.

Intrigued by her ability to be the treasurer for her own campaign as well as another race at the same time, I decided to look into all the campaigns Boling has treasured.

The list is pretty impressive, and serves as a who's who of Downtown insiders. Just since 2004, Boling has worked for:

1. Kevin Faulconer for City Council
2. Brian Maienschein for City Council
4. San Diego County Republican Party Central Committee
5. Shirley Horton for Assembly
6. John McCann for Assembly
7. Garrick for Assembly
8. Friends of Paul Hegyi
9. Associated Builders and Contractors PAC
10. Associated General Contractors PAC
11. Anesthesia Service Medical Group PAC
12. Building Industry Association
13. Gen-Probe International
14. Hispanic 100
15. New Car Dealers Association
17. San Diego County Taxpayers Association PAC
18. San Diego Lodging Industry Association PAC
19. San Diego Restaurant and Beverage Association PAC
20. Richman for Treasurer
21. Rancho Santa Fe Taxpayers for Fiscal Responsibility – No on H
22. Lincoln Club of San Diego County
23. Rogan for Congress
24. Jan Goldsmith for City Attorney
25. David Bejarano for Assembly
26. TaxpayerAdvocate.org
27. 21st Century PAC
28. Zettel for Senate
29. Stirling for Senate
30. Tricia Hunter for Assembly
31. California Republican League of One Hundred
32. Taxpayers for Shirley Horton
33. Barnett for School Board
34. Brannigan for Judge
35. Abbott for Assembly
36. Clyde Fuller for School Board
37. San Diegans for Congestion Relief – Yes on A
38. Reff for School Board
39. Independent Grocers and Convenience Stores PAC
40. Friends of Bob Watkins
41. Women for Arnold – sponsored by the Republican Pro-Choice Coalition
42. April Boling for City Council
43. Friends of Dick Murphy
44. Phil Thalheimer for City Council
45. Leslie Devaney for City Attorney


Anonymous said...

Wow. I thought she was a CPA not a political campaign staffer. Does she actually do accounting? Or just cooking the books for politicians?

Anonymous said...

And how many of those has she been fined for?

Anonymous said...

So we are attacking Boling for being the paid accountant for the campaigns? Let's not start acting ridiculous because Marti is dropping the ball.

Anonymous said...

Where is 3? Also does anyone else notice "hispanic 100" or "Women for Arnold – sponsored by the Republican Pro-Choice Coalition", almost like Boling is the accountant for whoever employs her, like any other small business.

Anonymous said...

What's always made me curious is that she's the treasurer for committees that do "Independent Expenditures" for candidates she is also the treasurer fo. Conflict? I thought IE means no coordination btw then - how can one person play both roles? case in point from your list: SD Rep Party or Lincoln Party, doing work for Goldsmith or any other (or against someone's opponent).

Anonymous said...

Well 11:35 a.m. is obviously a Republican hack. Nice try.

Sounds like she made a living managing Republican political money. I bet she knows all the tricks of the trade.

Anonymous said...

There is no coordination with the Independent Expenditures because Boling was simply the accountant, it is an employed service, almost like if a campaign and a local union ordered from the same take out place for dinner. If you really want to wonder about coordination what about anonymous blogging?

Anonymous said...

"Well 11:35 a.m. is obviously a Republican hack. Nice try."

I have to say, it is a good point. Marti will only be hurt further if she attacks Boling for something like that, they were her customers, it is pointless. The effort would be much better spent pushing a positive message.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Blogging somewhere else, not here...

Anonymous said...

4:27 anonymous criticizes anonymous blogging? self-loathing, are we?

Anonymous said...

anyone see the newest boling hit piece against marti....the one with all the dollar bills on it?
sent by the lincoln club....isn't boling still the treasurer for the lincoln club?
hm...how can this be an i.e. if boling is writing the checks to the printer and mail house?
looks like april's in trouble with the ethics commission and the fec AGAIN!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you want to look at campaigns coordinating with IE's, you might want to look closer to home. I'd keep an eye on the headlines.

And 11:31pm, i doubt a woman who has been a campaign accountant for 25 years would be dumb enough to write a check for an IE supporting her campaign.

If this is the blog of the "insiders" on the left, i can understand why Boling stands a chance against a woman with name id in the 100+ range. WOW.

You are snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Anonymous said...

don't be so sure one forty eight.
arrogance can paralyze brain cells.......make people take unnecessary and ill advised chances.

Blue in the Face said...

I agree with anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Umm, sorry guys... Boling wins. Marti is finished. Her parrot would've done better electorally. It's just a shame he's non-union and apparently has a doctorate.

Anonymous said...


Because of her meltdowns in public and with the media, Marti has decided to send a surrogate to all future debates and press engagements.

Here's some tape from the latest D7 debate where her surrogate was sent in to represent her.


Blue Diegan said...

Yes, Yes, Yes. April is running a positive campaign, irregardless of the website that she put up that distorts her opponent's positions and what she said. But I must say this, how is someone who has been fined for various campaign and accountant irregularities be responsible enough to be in City Hall. I mean if she can't handle hundreds of thousands of dollars properly how can she handle hundreds of millions?

Anonymous said...

"I have no experience managing large budgets"

...direct quote from, drum roll please...dadadadduummmm...Marti Emerald

Anonymous said...



Go Read said...

Do you know WHY April was fined? The campaign mistakingly failed to SPEND the donated money in the time period required to spend the donation. When she noticed the mistake of NOT SPENDING she voluntarily self-reported to the ethics committee. Go dig up the final ethics committee report, I think everyone on the committee wanted April to be mayor at that point because they were so impressed with her professionalism and honesty.