Friday, May 23, 2008

Eric Bidwell Is My Homeboy

Just when I thought I had seen it all from local Republican candidates comes the mother of all bonehead moves.

Voice has reported that Mayor Sanders' campaign manager and local GOP vice chair Mike McSweeney has resigned after Mayoral Candidate Eric Bidwell alleges that McSweeney tried to persuade him to read a statement bashing Steve Francis.

My questions is why would anyone think the anti-establishment, dreadlock wearing, "in a van down by the river" Bidwell would gladly sell out and join forces with the GOP and mayor's handlers?

This move reeks of stupidity, arrogance and being out of touch with reality. Smooth move.


Anonymous said...

"I thought I was helping Eric out," he said. "It was incredibly stupid on my part."

HAHAHA. McSweeney is so generous that he felt he would just try and help Bidwell out.

Anonymous said...

I cast a vote for Bidwell absentee. In part, because it eases my conscience not to vote for Franders. In part, because it holds both of them under 50% and forces Sanders to sweat it out another 5 months - serves him right. I hope Bidwell comes in a strong third though!

Anonymous said...

What a guy, that McSweeney. And trying to pin it on Bidwell? That is just bad all around.

Anonymous said...

"Francis uses millions of dollars to try to do crooked stuff and the mayor tries to do grassroots crooked stuff."

"He's (Francis) definitely a cruddy guy and he's definitely a liar but I don’t want to limit my critique of the other candidates to Francis and be a cheerleader for the mayor."

Can I get my absentee ballot back so I can vote for Bidwell?

Anonymous said...

I watched the Mayoral debates and I cannot believe that Bidwell was even sitting there. He was completely unprepared for the debate and made idiotic comments.

Bidwell on Water conservation:
“If it’s yellow let it mellow; if it is brown flush it down”

Bidwell on Financial reform:
“We should raise tax on business and the rich because they can afford it”

It his guy serious? Nothing but stupidity… stupid is as stupid does!!

Anonymous said...

agreed. a whole panel of stupidity.

Anonymous said...

his comments may have been stupid or unrehearsed but whatever.


Do you think the other guys are superior because they can memorize answers to questions and just spout out politicaly correct answers to the questions without even thinking about the actual question?

I am more interested in someone who is honest.

He does not have handlers quizzing him. He shoots from the hip.

He will learn on the job. Big deal. If he kept a transparent type of ruling style we could all learn what it takes really to be mayor of san diego.

I may not agree with all the points that eric bidwell said but I am voting for him anyways.

I would like to see how the Mayor of San Diego actually works and I think Eric can show us all how things are done.

Exposing how things are actually done will be more important than any public works project or any law or anything a mayor could accomplish.

It will also get more people involved in the process of government because we would all learn that truly anyone can be a part and make a difference.

You just have to stand up, try and speak your mind.

Unknown said...

Speaking about water conservation on a casual level with the public is a bad thing? You make fun of his use of a common phrase, but say nothing about Jerry Sanders using "toilet-to-tap" propaganda? All the water we're using right now has been recycled many times over before it reaches us. Lots of that water has already been in somebody's toilet along its way to us. We rely on municipal filtration plants to make our water safe.

Anonymous said...

My point is that Bidwell did not appear to take the whole debate seriously. If he wanted to make an honest run, then he should take the time to prepare. I am sure a list of questions were provided to him prior to going on TV so he could have done better than he did. He just looked and acted like he just showed up for fun.

If he wanted people to take his campaign seriously, then he needs to prepare so that he speaks with some intelligence and not just some body looking to make a joke of the whole process. Who has time for a jokester!!!
He should have ran like he meant it and not like someone dared him to!