Friday, July 25, 2008

And if you act now, we'll give you an another Shamwow set for free!

Nope, not talking about Shamwow. I'm talking about today's headline in the U-T about putting the paper up for sale. I'm not a big fan of the U-T. I mean on any given day the front page of the U-T is essentially stories pulled by either the New York Times News Service or AP. If I wanted a cut and paste newspaper I can make myself one without the U-T's help. I can't remember the last time I actually bought a U-T and when I do get a copy from somewhere I mostly check what are today's deals at Fry's. (Oooh! a 4GB USB flashdrive for $12! The Deer Hunter DVD is only $5.99!) Another thing I hate about the U-T is how it avoids any bad news about San Diego that make news on major nationwide newspapers.

A great example was an expose by the New York Times and Frontline about corrupt ICE agents getting rich helping smugglers transport drugs and other contraband into the US. The biggest case was here in San Diego. It was a front page story on the New York Times and that night was the focus of a Frontline documentary. All this attention but not a peep from the U-T. And don't get me started on the Editorial page.

Should this paper be sold, would it really be a "...sad day for San Diego." like Mayor Sanders states? I don't think so. If anything it might help San Diego to have a premier newspaper befitting it's status as second largest city in the most populous state in the union. After all, let's be honest it seems that all the biggest stories in the last few years have been broken by Voice of San Diego or someone else other than the U-T. Hopefully new owners can build a newspaper that will serve all San Diegans; not just a select few. But then again, the sale may just speed up the decline.


Your thoughts?

P.S. Is it me or does Mayor Sanders look like Shemp?

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Anonymous said...

I read the UT for the Fry's ads and to see what the current RNC talking points are. I used to read Don Bauder, but he is in the Reader now. Don has written about David Copley's mis-management of the UT before and has predicted its demise under his reign.