Monday, September 8, 2008

Uptown Throwdown Continued

So now an update on the D3 race pitting Todd Gloria vs Steve Whitburn race.

On the 28th of last month the San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council decided to scrap the triple endorsement since John Hartley came in third and throw their full weight behind Gloria.

Rumors are flying that Steve did very badly during the COPE interview and didn't do so well answering some questions and did not do a great job explaining his answers. His responses softened his support within some of the membership. Unfortunately, I couldn't get clarification from my source what were those questions and how did he answer them. All my source said was that it was wasn't good.

On top of this Progressive San Diego, an organization that has been strong supporters of Donna Frye. Has decided to dual endorse both candidates this past week as opposed to fully Support Donna's protege Steven Whitburn. This is surprising since many members of the board are strong Donna supporters who were very active in her runs for Mayor and the organization strongly supports many of her issues.

Could this be fallout from Donna's new found friendship with Carl DeMaio? If so, Is Steve's close association with Donna becoming a liability? After all it's been said that recent actions by Donna in terms of her support of the Mayor's veto on Big Box and her position against the amicus brief on marriage equality have been causing rifts within groups that you could rely on supporting her. Are these rifts the cause of this seeming shift toward Todd's favor?

What do you think?


RealityBites said...

I’m glad people are starting to see through Whitburn. His lack of knowledge of the District and of local government are becoming apparent. He’s a spokesman, simply put. The last few times I’ve seen him, he has not been able to think on his feet. Who knows if the man can think for himself?!

In my eyes, Whitburn is the Palin of this race. His inexperience is a liability…

Anonymous said...

life experience, political experience, neighborhood experience--todd gloria has it all! what more can we ask for?

CP said...

I think the labor council did the right thing. Steven's a nice guy, for sure. But our Party and our coalition needs to promote strong leaders who're equipped to make change in San Diego.

We need candidates like Todd who're experts and who can be credible counterpoints to the DeMaios and Sanders of San Diego. It's not enough to have candidates that we agree with. Instead, we need candidates like Todd who have the skill set and the gravitas to make a credible case to San Diego for why progressive policies trump regressive policies.

For too long, the progressive agenda in San Diego has been to "just vote no" on whatever proactive agenda the Republicans put forward. I'm tired of being the loyal opposition. We need people who can trumpet a new vision for San Diego. And Todd's in the class of young turks who can make that into a reality.

Anonymous said...

I met Whitburn at a party several years ago. He was a nice guy, but pretty vanilla. Didn't have much oomph behind him. Needless to say I went and talked with Todd instead.

Todd knows the district better than most anyone I know. Furthermore, as if it weren't enough to know the inner workings of the district, Todd's got charisma and ideas and is savvy when it comes to how best to run things.

Steve Whitburn for as nice a guy as he might be, proved to me in a simple social situation that he couldn't even hold a conversation. Not impressed.

Anonymous said...

Well San Diego what can we say? We have two really great guys running in our city. Both Todd and Stephen have picked up the Progressive endorsement, are supported by great people and organizations, and are two wonderful candidates. Unfortunately, they are in the same race and we have to vote for one.

What it really come down to for me is: Who do I want to be the spokesman and fighter for my neighborhood at City Hall? Who knows Normal Heights, Hillcrest AND City Heights well enough to be the person all communities can call on. Who's gonna serve us best for possibly the next 8 years? And lastly, who is going to be an independent VOICE not just a supporting VOTE when faced with challenging decisions and other council-members?

I've got to go with Tood Gloria. His lifelong record of community service, his endorsements from every corner of Public Safety, his incredible knowledge of every inch of district 3 and his readiness and ability to start working on day one are just two overwhelming for Stephen.

I encourage you all to support Todd Gloria.