Thursday, May 21, 2009

Port Commission: It’s on!

The Voice of San Diego is reporting that Lee Burdick has been nominated by Councilmembers Hueso, Young and DeMaio.

What does this mean?

First of all, Burdick is an attorney looking for a public office. Her run for City Attorney never made sense in that she couldn’t come up with a solid reason as to why she was running other than she wasn’t Aguirre. Her performance was awkward and it felt like she had been talked into being a stalking horse. She has business ties and is in need of a leg up politically. This nomination could be payback because she’s been “a good sport” in the past.

It’s convenient for everyone involved: Hueso because Burdick doesn't hurt him in the South Bay, Young can show he’s nobody’s puppet, and DeMaio can act bi-partisan in supporting a pro business Democrat. In this sense, she is a consensus builder. At least she admits she’s not anybody’s best candidate.

Emerald’s play at being the bridge between the Republicans and Democrats on the City Council gets blown up. Her slap at Labor in nominating Bill Evans was noticed and we’ll see if this nutty play earns her any chits on the other side.

But would Emerald come home and support Diane Takvorian? Should she break free of the leash her COS has her on, I think she just might. Gloria and Frye have done this region a service in nominating an outstanding candidate for the position. It’s unfortunate that her qualities are trashed for the personal ambitions of others but this was not going to be easy.

Leaving Lightner and Faulconer. I will pray that both of them can put aside the false “business vs environment” argument that is so 20th century and join the 21st in supporting Diane.

We’ll see. Given the circus in Chula Vista after Najera's resignation, we need some adults on the Port Commission who are more concerned with the port and less with their political futures.

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Karl Forston said...

Considering Ben Hueso's horrible environmental rating. It's a miracle and an injustice to the environmental community that this guy has anything to say about who our next port commissioner maybe.