Thursday, June 18, 2009

District 6

Donna Frye is termed out of her City Council seat leaving an opening that could really mold the future of San Diego. Names that have emerged as possible successors:

Howard Wayne

An attorney and a former legislator, this guy has the chops to really make a difference at City Hall. He knows the workings of legislation, is wickedly smart and wonkish enough to engage activists and professionals on policy issues and politics. He has done a lot just below the radar with a lot of people in a positive way that will help him in his run. His old Assembly District never really was part of the 6th but his work in the community is real for a long term resident of the district

Steve Hadley

Unlike Frye’s Chief of Staff who recently sold his home in San Marcos to move into this district in order to run for his boss’s seat. The scuttlebutt was that Frye had to talk him into it. Hadley seems like a nice guy but will need to put together one heck of a campaign operation, which may be difficult if Frye runs for Supervisor, in order to overcome the carpetbagger tag. Should Frye run both she and Hadley will be pulling from the same groups of volunteers and resources.

Laurie Zaph
Which won’t be a problem if you’re the token Republican in this race. Word is that Zaph is getting pressure to run so the “usual suspects” have someone to throw their money at. The problem is, especially the City Council level, you really have to want it because of the grueling pace it will put you and your family through. She has a family that she would like to spend time with but the party is knocking.

Bill Sheffler
And if Zaph says no, then Sheffler may get the nod. There is a website under development stating “Bill Sheffler is a small businessman who is running for City Council because he wants city government to work for you again!” He didn’t get reappointed to the San Diego pension board and this looks like as good an outlet as any.


If no candidate grabs an early fundraising / endorsement / local buzz lead, which looks likely, then I think you’ll see a repeat of the last District 2 race in terms of the blood to be shed and money to be spent. The Republicans aren’t going to let this one slide and they will pour money that won’t be going into Districts 2, 4, and 8, into 6 thereby forcing the local Dems to ante up with either Wayne or Hadley. Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Donna has been good. That fix up at Balboa and Genesse relieved a major headache for my commute. That intersection is where the rubber met the road. Hadley's got my vote.

Unknown said...

Howard Wayne, altho experienced, has zilch charisma and cannot connect with the average voter.

Anonymous said...

I think Howard will take this one. He takes questions seriously and doesn't ignore activists. The problem Steve will have is that he's not Donna.

Anonymous said...

Activists make a lot of noise, protests, march and cause traffic jams. Public servants make little noise, and cause traffic jams through actual road repairs. I don't care what activists think. I want an elected official that can show concrete results.

Anonymous said...

I want a Councilmember who wants to do the job without being dragged into it by their employer.