Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Port Commission: It’s Burdick

How it went down:

Hueso – Burdick
Young – Burdick
DeMaio – Burdick
Gloria – Takvorian
Frye – Takvorian
Emerald – Burdick
Faulconer - Burdick
Lightner – Takvorian

The Lightener switch was a pleasant surprise

SDUT editorial was a mixed bag. Saying that Burdick was not a fan of PLA’s thereby making here a “consensus builder” in their eyes was another example of the UT’s tortured logic and feeble attempt to nudge the newbie Burdick into knifing Labor.

Burdick made a big deal about PLAs but I see it as window dressing. Labor will have a door to her because of her desire to move up the ladder.

Takvorian was the most obviously qualified candidate but was scutted for Hueso’s career. If a “consensus builder” means unqualified yet moldable then the Port and the region will pay the price of being used by interests that won’t have San Diego in their best interest.

Young remains “above the fray”

Emerald’s attempt to cover herself fell flat. Again, she needs a better strategist.

On the Port, Peters gains a second vote.

It’s not a bad outcome. As is typical, San Diego bypassed the right thing for mediocrity but if it didn’t then we wouldn’t be living where happy happens among other things.

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