Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Districts 2 and 6 get one each

The SDUT broke this yesterday:

Jim Morrison, 52, of Pacific Beach is joining three other people to challenge the incumbency of Kevin Faulconer for the District 2 seat. A property manager, Morrison is involved with the Pacific Beach planning committee, town council and parking committee. This would be his fourth time running for City Council.

Like all the challengers in the District 2 race, Morrison is a Democrat.


Meanwhile, the District 6 race has gained another late entrant, Ryan M. Huckabone.

Huckabone is a sales representative for an electrical supply warehouse. His resume also includes a stint as a Chinese linguist in the Army and participation on the Clairemont Town Council. This is his first foray into city politics. Huckabone is a Republican.

As of this writing, the entry of these two won’t change things significantly. Morrison will join Funicane and Towbridge slinging rocks at Faulconer. With three Democrats in a marginally Democratic district, their division of the vote will make it easier for Kevin.

In District 6, Huckabone’s arrival will make Zapf work for the Republican base support but not too hard. She seems to getting grudging support from the Republican establishment and, with similar levels (meaning low) of name ID in the district, that could give her the nod in June to take on the winner of the Dem party cage match between Wayne and Hadley.

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