Monday, August 24, 2009

Steve Hadley and Steve Francis

The SDUT last Wednesday reported, under the headline “GOP Steve endorses Democrat Steve”, that Steve Hadley, Donna Frye’s current Chief of Staff and candidate for her seat on the San Diego City Council, has been endorsed by Steve Francis, the Republican former mayoral candidate.

Some initial thoughts:

WTF is Hadley thinking?
I get the bipartisan angle but I don’t see Francis as a positive influence in passing progressive legislation. Francis isn’t exactly loved within GOP circles, except for his money, and would be helpful to Hadley were he running for a city-wide position. Because Francis’s experience is limited to running for mayor, I don’t know what help he could give, other than as a name to list and possible fundraiser, for Hadley.

WTF is Francis thinking?
Francis seems to have been laying low waiting for an opportunity like this. Hadley seems like a nice guy who can help rebuild Francis’s stature among those who have been burned by the partisanship of electeds by showing that even Democrats can work with him.

Remember when Donna embraced Carl’s reform effort? Then remember, during the vote for the new council president, how Carl praised Donna before burying her with his vote? I see a similar dynamic at work here. Carl used Donna’s credibility to crack open a post-partisan niche for himself, which is difficult when he is a very partisan warrior. I see the same thing playing itself out in the 6th with Hadley and Francis. Hadley needs recognition and Francis need rehabilitation.

In both cases, the post-partisan image looks great. In both cases, the Democrat has more to lose while the Republican has more to gain. It didn’t work for Donna and I don’t think it will work for Hadley.

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Anonymous said...

As of 9/1/09 voter registration in D6 is as follows:

D6 Total: 81,286
Dems: 30,874
Reps: 26,314
DTS: 20,094

Given the closeness of Dem and GOP registration, and Lorie Zapf's low level of name ID, this might work out for Hadley.

I think Steve Francis is more than a little sketchy but if his endorsement gives a Dem the ability to rip votes away from Zapf then I'm all for it.

Plus D6 Dems tend to be more conservative (possibly Catholic) than the progressive Dems in D2 or elsewhere.